On World Mental Health Day “Do you see what I see?”

It’s very difficult to look after the people in your life, who might be struggling when you’re not looking after yourself.

The best way to talk to someone about your own mental health is to remember that you don’t need to change who you are as a person; talk as you would naturally talk to them. The best way to have the conversation is to simply start.

It’s important to educate. your partner on your own mental health so they understand your personal, unique warning signs and triggers. This way, they can develop an understanding of when you might be in a bad head space, and they can support you when they notice you are struggling.

There is a term known as ‘the illusion of transparency,’ whereby individuals believe their wants, needs, feelings etc. are easily seen and understood by others, but it’s often false. When we don’t talk about things, how we are feeling or our needs, it’s difficult for others to have a true understanding of what we are going through.

I encourage everyone to look out for each other this World Mental Health Day, and every day – be a good partner, mate, friend. If you notice someone is struggling, or even yourself, understand that its ok to talk about your mental health.

– Luke Foster