Mantle is a trusted Psychology partner Australia-wide. Referring to us is an easy process.
Download the referral steps here and for details on referral partnerships with Mantle, reach out to us via the contact section of our website.

Our Referral Partners

Clean Slate

The Clean Slate Clinic is a Telehealth program that supports Australians to safely undergo alcohol detox from home. They also provide services around a range of other addictions with specialist medical advice and stimulant withdrawal services. For further information, see their website here.

Mind at Peace Psychiatry

A boutique telehealth service providing psychiatric assessments to patients all over Australia. Their team of psychiatrists is handpicked, to ensure consistency and excellence in psychiatric care. The Mind at Peace psychiatrists have a breadth of experience across both public and private hospitals. Due to their clinical expertise, they have held leadership positions in major metropolitan hospitals and have been involved in service development.


The first service of its kind in Australia, Resolute has constructed and is executing a comprehensive vision for the future, where the integration of high-quality clinical services is easily available and proudly led by a former military psychiatrist.

Most importantly, this system of care places those who serve and their family at the centre of all decision-making. This ensures autonomy and self-agency are maintained.

Resolute understands we ADF personnel, Veterans and First Responders exist in families and families exist within communities. This recognition means layers of support can be developed as an effective channel for restoring meaning and wellbeing.

Our services are provided through a number of channels, including face-to-face and Oqea telehealth.