‘Like so many things in life, you bury issues, and they don’t go away, they just explode at some stage. And that’s what happened to me.’

Becoming the youngest ever leader of a state or federal Liberal Party was always going to lead to a plethora of opportunities throughout his life, but even John Brogden would tell you that he wouldn’t have imagined where he finds himself today.

Following a fall from grace that led him to seriously contemplate suicide in 2005, John has turned the ship around and now advocates for depression, suicide prevention, and mental health from the highest perch in the land, as chair of the National Lifeline Board.

A finalist for the 2020 Mental Health Prize, John now uses his role to advocate for continual support, research and funding into spaces of mental health and in particular suicide prevention. We thank John sincerely for being part of the Manage What Matters initiative