Mantle Corporate has been specifically designed to augment organisational workplace mental health support services, with a particular focus on workplaces consisting mainly of men. At Mantle, we appreciate the limitations of most contemporary workplace mental health support services. While landmark awareness days, guest speakers and things like traditional EAPs have their place, organisations are right to ask, and should be asking, “to what extent are these genuinely improving the mental health, the lives of our people?”

You only have to look at men’s utilisation rates of EAPs[1], retention in traditional psychological support[2], the rising costs and rates of psychological injury claims[3], and increased rates of distress in men to see how current approaches are missing the mark. One of the key contributing factors is that most mental health services have been developed through a generic lens and not tailored to address, or even consider the specific mental health needs of individual, team, and the workplace.

At Mantle, we are driven by the research on how to improve the experience of work, improve mental health and maximise performance and productivity at that the individual, team, and the workplace levels.

Unlike many providers, our team of senior psychologists are equipped to not just reduce signs of distress, but help people understand, unpack, and then influence the organisational barriers impacting mental health and performance.

Outside of our one-on-one telehealth psychology support services, we also have a range of products and services available at the team, workplace, and organisational level.  If you are looking to augment your approach to mental health in the workplace and build on the programs and services that you already have in place, let’s work together on ways that we can help your people, teams and organisation thrive.

Please provide some details on the enquiry form and one of our team will get in touch with you within 1 business day to talk about how Mantle can help.

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